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Terms and Conditions

Website user

Happy Calendar, Lda. is referred to hereafter by the name of Meet Me at Porto.

1. Subject Matter

1.1 Present General Contractual Conditions are intended to establish the terms and conditions that govern the provision of services by Happy Calendar, Lda. -with headquarters at Rua Fonseca Cardoso 125, 1º esquerdo
4000-234 Porto.

1.2. Terms listed in the schedule, if any, prevail over the provisions of the present general conditions prevailing over both any additional stipulations written especially agreed between the customer and Meet Me at Porto.

1.3. Services and products are offered to the client under the terms and conditions expressed here.

1.4. When hiring Meet Me at Porto the client acknowledges and accepts all of the terms and conditions set forth.

2. Change of Information

Meet Me at Porto reserves itself the right to, at any time, change the terms and conditions of use of website, and so, whenever you access, you have to previously consult these terms and conditions.

Further information may be obtained from Meet Me at Porto, through the “contact us” functionality “Contact us” available in the menu.

3. Definitions

The terms that appear in these terms and conditions are defined as follows:

Customer refers to all the people who use one of our services, and they have paid the agreed price.

User refers to website visitors.

“Fast check-out” refers to the possibility of reserving a service proposed by Meet Me at Port by using an email address (e-mail), without creating a personal account.

Service refers to an experience, ride, tour, private or in group, as advertised on website.

4. Meet Me at Porto Presentation

The website sells unique visits and activities outside the traditional routes in Portugal (henceforth shall be designated Services), especially tours, excursions, visits, gastronomic and cultural activities.

5. Meet Me at Porto Website Conditions

5.1 All users can access the website of Meet Me at Porto.

5.2 Any user, with internet connection, can access the website of Meet Me at Porto without any cost.

5.3 Users does not have the right to transfer and/or modify the content of the website. Any violation will have legal consequences.

6. Intellectual Property

All contents of website, including text, photographs, images, illustrations, trademarks and advertising, are protected by copyright and related rights, and may not be used outside the website without the prior written consent of Meet Me at Porto.

Notwithstanding the above, the user may download or copy the contents of the site strictly for your personal use.

It is expressly prohibited to use the site for illegal purposes or for purposes that may be deemed unworthy of the image of Meet Me at Porto. The usurpation, counterfeiting, taking advantage of content usurped or counterfeit, illegitimate identification and unfair competition are punishable criminally.

The Meet Me at Porto, reserves the right to act judicially against the perpetrators of any copy, reproduction or other unauthorized use of the content on the website by third parties.

 7. Disclaimer

Meet me at Porto is not liable for any damages, material or immaterial, direct or indirect, which could result from the misuse of the services offered on website. The information disseminated on website of Meet Me at Porto comes from reliable sources.

8. Website Availibility

The website is accessible 12:0 am a day, 7 days a week, except for scheduled maintenance outages and incidents outside Meet Me at Porto control. Meet Me at Porto reserves the right to discontinue or modify access to the website, without the obligation to inform the user/customer, for any reason deemed necessary by Meet Me at Porto. This interruption does not result in a right compensation.

Meet Me at Porto will do its utmost to ensure normal access to website, but cannot be held responsible in case of malfunction of website or server or any other event that may impede or limit access to website. The Meet Me at Porto is not responsible in case of website piracy.

9. Jurisdiction and law Interpretation

The interpretation of these terms and conditions of use, as well as the resolution of any disputes arising in connection with the website shall be governed solely by the law and Portuguese courts.

Terms & Sale Conditions 

1. Subject Matter

Terms and Sale conditions define the sale conditions of the services on website, for all customers, run by the Company – Happy Calendar, Lda.

2. Booking a Service

The process of booking of a service on the website is as follows:

-The user chooses an experience.
-The user chooses the number of people who will be present in the experience, which is limited to small groups, as well the date, or dates desired, according to availability.

-Full payment will be made through our online payment system.

Bookings are considered as effective as soon as the client receives the proof submitted by Meet Me at Porto. The voucher is the only proof of payment of the reservation. This voucher must be printed and saved by the customer, who shall present it at the beginning of the experience.

When the Bank authorizes the payment, the confirmation of the reservation will be sent to the client, with the attached voucher. This confirmation contains all details of your purchase (reserve, taxes, and state name of the experience, time, and number of people, description, and phone number of the Local Expert).

In case of loss of voucher, the customer must contact Meet Me at Porto, in order to be issued a new voucher.

3.Booking Cancellation

Client may cancel all bookings made until 3 days before the date of the service. Without three days in advance, Meet Me at Porto will not reimburse the purchase and keep 100% of the booking value. All cancellation requests must be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and must contain booking number, customer name and date.

Any interruption of the trip or activity during the service by customer, this shall not be subject to reimbursement. Any customer who arrives late on the day of service will be considered as absent. Absences are not subject to refund, regardless the reason.

All local reservations processed must have full and complete acceptance of the Terms and Sale Conditions, as well the full payment of the reserve price.

4. Price

All prices mentioned on this site are presented in euros (€). Unless otherwise noted, prices include taxes. Prices of services are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until the customer received confirmation. Prices vary according to the number of people per booking.

Special prices indicated on the site are valid only in a limited period of time.

5. Payment

All payments must be made when you are booking any service for this to be validated. There is no additional cost at the time of booking.

6. Customer’s Responsibility

All Meet Me at Port services are covered by insurance according to laws in force.

7. Meet Me at Porto Responsability

Meet Me at Port should not be liable for any damages, material or immaterial, direct or indirect, which may arise from, or due to the fault of the client (i.e. ignoring the safety information given by the Local Expert) during a service provided by Meet Me at Porto. The client cannot request a refund in case service cancellation, as a result of any act, fact or circumstances that Meet Me at Porto do not control, including, but not limited to any, war, terrorism, civil disorder s, strikes, bad weather, and other extraordinary circunstances.

8. Jurisdiction and law Interpretation

The interpretation of these Terms and Conditions of use, as well as the resolution of any disputes arising in connection with the website shall be governed solely by the law and Portuguese courts.


Rua Fonseca Cardoso

125, 1º esquerdo 

4000-234 Porto

Tel: 919 766 779


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